Elite Singles Review

Elite Singles Review

The best for getting matched to educated and professional singles.

The best for getting matched to educated and professional singles.


Profiles & Sign Up Process

Privacy Verification and Safety

Interface and Communication Features

Price / Payments

Customer Service


Elite Singles matches you to educated and professional singles.

It does this with by being targeted at those singles:

1. A questionnaire daters have to fill in, which is more interesting to educated people

2. Their matching system

3. Singles can try it for free, but it is a paid to use site. The effect is like how customers in a higher end restaurant, tend to be more educated and professional, as they can afford it.

It is also tends to have more daters that are wanting a long-term relationship or marriage, rather than a hook up or one night stand. This is because the joining questionnaire, puts off people that are just wanting a hook up, or a one-night stand.

There is also the fact that the site requires a paid subscription. So, anyone who isn’t interested in a long-term relationship is unlikely to want to pay the cost.

It has only been around for 6 years, but has become a large player. This is because it is created and run by people who have run many other successful dating sites.

The eliteness also shows in the security and quality controls to keep time wasters and scammers off the site. They are very high and higher than on other sites. For example, daters can only look for daters in country they are in, visible if logged in recently and so on.

Another factor to the site’s success is that it focuses on important elements like worth ethic and future plans. These are rather important factors when looking for a life partner. So, by focusing on these qualities, users have a much higher chance of meeting suitable candidates.

How Does It Work?

Daters can receive 20 matches per day, but we find most receive 5-7 matches a day, because it wants to ensure they are good. The lower number of matches also gives you the chance to really consider one match before getting distracted by another. So, you will be less likely to pass up on a good match.

Then to contact a person, you can simply send them a message. For more introverted people, there are pre designed ice breaker questions.

In our tests and when interviewing singles who have used it, we found that each single find 50% of their matches interesting. This is very good and means the site has done a lot of the work for you, considering that with the sites where singles search through the site themselves, is about 4%.

So, although have to wait for the matches. People who are time short, save the large amount of time it can take to go through dating sites and find people yourself. This is also useful for professionals who do not want to spend loads of time finding matches.

It also shows about 20 matches per day that are less precise that they call ‘wild cards’, we found that as these were so much less suitable. It showed us that the matching does work to a decent degree.

Profiles & Sign-Up Process

The site asks about 200 questions to really understand you and what you are looking for. We found it takes people about 20 minutes to do, as most of them are answered by just clicking little circular buttons.

This questionnaire is very thorough. It covers topics such as interests, emotion, and even communication styles. As such, the site is able to link more points of commonality between you and your potential matches.

As you can imagine, this is quite important when looking for a life partner. After all, focusing on someone’s college education and current job can only take you so far. You need to know that you can also connect with a match on an emotional level.

What’s great about this questionnaire is that it isn’t just multiple-choice questions. There are some open-ended ones as well. This way, you have to really think about your answer. Not to mention, it is a lot more difficult for people to come up with fake answers as well.

Once this is done, it means that in the long term the site is much quicker to use, because each day it sends you matches.

It is quicker in the long run, because other sites work by you having to search through and message loads of people, or look through loads of messages sent to you. This time saving is a big advantage to the professionals.

The site is even more time saving as on other sites, as people they search for and receive messages from, may not be the professional and educated people they are looking for.

The profile from the questions are given to you at the end of the process. People who are into psychology and self-improvement have said that it is a very good way to learn about themselves, which is useful to improve their dating and relationships.

Privacy Verification and Safety

We were impressed that the site did not have many of the issues that other sites can suffer from. There were no matches with people who had not been on the site for a long time, fake people who then ask for money and so on.

Their ID verification is optional. It gives people an icon next to their profile, to show that they are a real person. People with them get contacted more and we recommend it. It just needs a good quality photo of the person, also photos showing the front and back of a formal ID which send to customer service.

Elite Singles protects your privacy in other ways too. For one thing, it is very careful with your personal details. The site is very transparent about the kind of information that they collect and clearly outline how these details are used.

Any data that you provide to the site is carefully encrypted. The site itself is protected by heavy security measures. This reduces the chances of the site being hacked.

Interface and Communication Features

The layout of the site makes it quite easy to navigate. Profiles are neatly listed, making it easier to figure out what your top options are. The message section is also well-designed, allowing you to monitor your messages in an organized way.

The top way to communicate on this site is via the chat feature. Here, you can send text messages or winks, depending on how you wish to approach a new match.

Price / Payments

There are two membership options with Elite Singles, Basic and Premium. Basic is free, but there are limits to this package. For instance, although you will be able to complete the questionnaire and view partner suggestions, communication with other members is limited.

To unlock all the features of Elite Singles, you will need to opt for the Premium package. There are 3 subscription options under this package. For the 3 months package, it costs £49.95 per month. The 6 month package is cheaper at £34.95 per month, with the 12 month options being the cheapest of them all at £24.95 per month.

There are a limited number of payment options with Elite Singles. For instance, you can only pay with major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.

If in the first 14 days from your first purchase you are not happy, Elite Singles will refund you.

In our surveys and interviews we have spoken to people that requested their refund and they did get it, so they do honour this promise.

For the refund we recommend joining through their website and not their app, because if you join through the website you can email them directly for the refund if you choose to do that.

If you bought the subscription through an app store such as Google Play or the Apple Store, then you have to contact Google or Apple for the refund, as it goes through their app payment marketplaces.

You can subscribe from their site and then use the site on their app.

Customer Service

The customer service with Elite Singles isn’t as great as it could be. To begin with, there doesn’t appear to be any way to get in touch with the company. There is no submission box, email address, or any kind of contact details.

On the upside, there is a Help Centre on the site. Here, you can find frequently asked questions regarding getting started, payment, and various other things to do with the site. These answers are quite comprehensive so you should be able to figure out most issues by yourself.

Still, it would be nice to speak to an actual customer service agent if anything does go wrong.

Account Deletion

Most dating profiles contain sensitive or personal information. Due to this, many people are concerned about what happens to these details should you delete your account. Fortunately, with Elite Singles, all of your information is automatically erased with the account deletion.

This includes profile entries, photos, messages, and anything else that you may have stored on your profile. This information can’t be accessed by you or the parent company. So, you know that it is absolutely secure.

Pros and Cons

Here is a quick summary of the pros and cons of this service:


Profiles & Sign Up Process

Creating a profile requires you to answer a questionnaire and provide a great deal of information about yourself. This allows the site to find greater points of comparison between you and potential matches. Thus, you may have more luck in finding a suitable partner.

Privacy Verification and Safety

Elite Singles is very good at keeping your details private. There are quite security conscious as well and have heavy security measures in place.

Interface and Communication Features

The site is simple to navigate, ensuring that it is easy to organize the profiles of your favourite people, improving the message element.


Price / Payments

Elite Singles does have a higher subscription cost than most other sites. Furthermore, there are limited payment methods. This can make it tricky for some people to make payments.

Customer Service

The customer service could be improved. There should be more ways for customers to get in touch with Elite Singles.

Conclusion – Editor’s Notes

As educated and professional singles are a smaller percentage of all singles, it has less people on than sites which caters for everybody.

As one person we surveyed put it, going for the top 10% means that mathematically there are 10 times fewer people suitable for the site, but it is worth it as each person is the rarity that each person is looking for.

So, in non-city and more remote areas daters have to travel further, as there are fewer single people with this profile.

If you are in a remote area, just join for free to first ensure there are enough single people in your area.

As the site helps with matching, once you are set up, it takes up much less time to get good dates

People who have done internet dating a lot, say the things they like with this site are:

1, There is none of the long arduous work of going through lists of singles to try and find a suitable person

2, People reply more and there are not the massive amounts of un interesting messages to sift through. This is because the matches are good and each person only gets a limited number of matches per day

3, Dating is easier with less wasted time on useless dates, because it is actually matching. So, each date is more likely to be of real interest.

We found that with many other online dating sites and apps, people often give up. This is because of the massive time it takes to go through massive lists of singles, send messages that are not replied to, receive loads of un interesting messages and sift through all and time spent on useless dates. This is a top and best dating site and app, because these things are so much lower with this site.

People stay with it, because once it is set up, it uses up so much less time and gets results.

The reality also though, is that people are still people. Singles in surveys and interviews reported to us and also in our own tests, the site is still taking people from the general world and there are crazy people out there. The site does a great job, but still, when dating, people are people.

If you are looking for educated and professional singles this is a good choice.

If you are time short and so cannot spend ages searching through everyone on the site, as the site does the searching and matching for you, this is a good choice.

If you are in a more remote or non-city area, join for free first to see if there are enough local matches.

We liked how Elite Singles is a bit more flexible than some other matchmaking sites. Singles can send a message and not just ice breaker questions.

Elite Singles
Smart crowd
Elite Singles is famous for having quite the smart user-base.
Sign Up Process
Making Contact
Profile Quality
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