eHarmony review

eHarmony review

eHarmony is the best and most proven matchmaking site, for getting a long term relationship or marriage.

eHarmony is the best and most proven matchmaking site, for getting a long term relationship or marriage.


How It Works

Interface and Communication Features


Sign Up Process

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To review eHarmony, we have tested the site and apps ourselves.

We also interview, survey and get feedback from other people who have used it as well.

eHarmony is our favourite site for finding a long-term relationship, or marriage.

It is not just good for meeting people with those aims, but also for matching people so that they stay together. Dr Neil Clarke who came up with the matching system says that ‘Opposites attract, then they attack’, so using this compatibility is how they help ensure matched couples will stay together.

It has a much more even male/female ratio than most sites, as women feel more comfortable with it.

The need to do things properly and the price, also means that singles on the site are more professional, educated and serious people. This makes it the first choice if that is the kind of partner you are wanting.

eHarmony is the longest running site, that uses detailed compatibility testing and profiling, to do the matchmaking for user. It has consistently demonstrated itself as being the best at it.

In fact, in the US, eHarmony claims that it is responsible for around 4 percent of marriages. So, this proves that the site really does what it says. This makes it perfect for those who are truly serious about settling down and getting married.

How Does It Work?

Daters fill in a dating questionnaire when joining, this helps ensure that people are serious and not just tourists or people wanting a quick hook up.

The questionnaire is based on the work of Dr Neil Clark Warren who counselled couples in America and saw it was incompatibility that caused them to get divorced.

He did a study with over 5000 couples, to build a compatibility test, which is the basis of eHarmony’s matching. It ensures you are matched with people who are compatible in at least 25 of 29 compatibility areas.

We have read a paper on the maths behind the matching process which is incredibly complicated, but shows how sincerely thought out it is. Fortunately, there is no need to go into the maths, as it does it all for you.

You are then presented with 10 matches per day. This means that once you have done the work of the questionnaire, it is so much quicker. There is no need to spend loads of time each day looking for matches, as it has done it for you.

We find that about half of matches reply to being contacted, this is far higher than other dating sites. It is because the matching work well and as with person receiving 10 matches per day, they are not flooded with people

At first you communicate with your matches through set questions, which are carefully thought out by the website and this makes things so much easier.

The structure of how it matches people, means that people are better matched up and far more likely to be compatible.

This is one of the most methodical match making websites.

Profiles & Sign Up Process

To create an account, you have to tell eHarmony your email address, what gender you would like to date, and create a password for yourself. Then, you will move onto the questionnaire. After this, you will have to point out some criteria that you would like your future partner to meet.

Once this section is over, you can begin setting up your profile. You can add additional information and set up pictures. The site will then begin to provide you with matches based on how you have performed on the questionnaire.

The sign up process can be a bit long and tedious due to the questionnaire. It should also be noted that eHarmony does swing to the more conservative side. So, their questions may not be useful for everyone.

Privacy Verification & Safety

eHarmony is actually pretty great about handling your privacy and your security. To begin with, they go to incredible lengths to keep you safe. For instance, there is a two-step verification feature that ensures that only you can sign into your profile.

eHarmony also gives all its members the option of verifying their identity via SMS. If you do this, your profile will automatically be considered more attractive. What’s more, this feature also shows you which members are more trustworthy than others.

The site often monitors and tracks profiles. As such, if they notice any fraudulent or forbidden activities, they will block that individual and then inform all matches that were communicating with that profile.

The site also uses a combination of encryption, SSL certificates, firewalls, and digital certificates to protect any and all financial transactions on the site.

Interface and Communication Features

As it does the match making for you. There is none of the painful messaging loads and loads of people and getting no replies back.

As a result, we found it a much calmer experience.

The questionnaire takes a bit of time to fill in, but we believe it is worth it. It really gets stuff out of the way, gives you access to daters who are wanting a long-term relationship, or marriage and the matches are more serious.

Once this is done, it means using this site is a lot quicker in the long run, because singles do not have to spend time searching through all the people on the site and contacting them. People can spend a bit of time on the site each day, or every couple of days, just seeing their matches and contacting, or replying to the ones that they are interested in.

It is really nice to see the matches come through, as they are much more suitable than they would otherwise be. Also, as daters are not flooded with so many people, they are far more likely to reply.

Of the 10 matches come through per day We find that half are interesting and most people message 2 or more of them.

At least 50% normally reply and most people go on at least one date per week from the site, or more, depending on how picky they are.

We find that over 50% of people reply, because they get just 10 matches per day and they are higher quality ones. It means they value each time they are contacted. This is because the matches are better and they are not flooded with loads of less relevant messages like on other some other sites.

It has a more even male/female ratio than most sites, because women feel more comfortable with the site, because it attracts more professional, educated and serious people who are wanting a long-term relationship or marriage.

Price / Payments

eHarmony has two subscription offers to choose from – the Basic and the Premium. When you sign up with eHarmony, this is the package that you are automatically registered to. It is essentially a free trial.

With the Basic subscription, you can get unlimited matches, send and receive various icons like Smile and Icebreaker. It also allows you to respond to a single message. However, you want to communicate with other members more fully, then you will need to sign up to Premium.

With Premium, you can sign up for 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months. The long-term subscriptions are cheaper than the short-term ones. According to eHarmony, finding a suitable partner requires time and patience. So, they always recommend choosing a long-term subscription option.

Whichever way that you look at it, though, it can get rather pricey to use eHarmony, though. This is why it is an option that is best suited to people who are serious about getting married.

eHarmony accepts payment in the form of all major credit cards, debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo, and PayPal.

Customer Service

The customer service with eHarmony is quite good. You can contact them via email or by the mail service. The great thing about eHarmony is that they are quite serious about customer satisfaction. As such, you can guarantee that you will get all your questions answered in an efficient manner.

The Help Centre on the site is quite useful as well. You can search a wide variety of topics to find answers to simple questions that you may have. It is a great tool for troubleshooting specific problems.

Account Deletion

If you haven’t signed up for a subscription, deleting your profile is quite simple. You just have to go into your profile settings and delete your account. All the information will automatically be deleted.

In case you have signed up for a Premium subscription, though, there are some additional steps. To begin with, you will have to contact customer care and ask them to cancel your subscription. Once that process has been taken care of, you can then move onto deleting the profile.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using this service:


How It Works

This system has been very carefully designed to provide the best possible results. This strategic approach takes a great deal of guesswork out of dating. Not to mention, it increases the chance of you being paired up with someone who is really compatible with you.

This is an excellent site for anyone who is ready to settle down and get married. You will find that thanks to the structure of the site, all your effort will pay off.

Interface and Communication Features

The layout of the site is the best of both world. It contains features that work well with other dating sites such as easily readable profiles with the seriousness of eHarmony dating. This means that regardless of what your online dating background is, you will be able to figure it out.


Sign Up Process

The sign up process can be rather tedious. So, if you aren’t looking for true love, you should check out another dating site. You should also be aware that eHarmony is quite conservative. If you aren’t religious, for instance, you may find some of the questions and pairings a little uncomfortable.

Price / Payment

The Premium subscriptions for eHarmony are far longer than with many other sites. This means that you truly have to commit if you are going to sign up. Despite this, there is no denying that eHarmony can be quite expensive for the average user.

While this does mean that you are incentivized to make more of an effort, it also means that you will need to spend a fair amount of money on your dating life.

Conclusion – Editor’s Notes

We find the big difference is the more serious, educated and professional people on the site, because of how it operates. Also, as the price puts off time wasters.

Matches are more suitable, meaning less time searching through lists of people and being bombarded with messages from incompatible people. Also, people reply to messages more.

Also, the way it works, puts off people who just want a hook up or are tourists, so it is our first choice for people wanting a long-term relationship or marriage.

In the long run it works really well and is great for professionals who would like good matches. We find they do not want to spend loads of time on a site to search for people, send out loads of messages that get less replies and receive loads of matches from less suitable people.

Some people give up on normal dating sites, because of the time and effort it can takes to search for a match. They have to do this by searching through the people on there, or searching through the messages they receive from other people. Also, they are fed up of people not replying, as everyone receives so many messages that they have to search through.

People give up less with eHarmony, as it does the matching work for you and people reply to messages more.

Proven quality
eHarmony is a good example of a modern dating site.
Sign Up Process
Making Contact
Profile Quality
4.0 Overall Rating
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eHarmony is the best and most proven matchmaking site, for getting a long term relationship or marriage.
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