Online Dating in the UK – 6 Tips to Be Successful

Dating in the UK is easier than ever. There are countless dating sites and apps to choose from. Keeping a couple of things in mind would help you be the best at them. They would also help you maneuver around dating a Brit. Brits are known to be very straightforward, which people from other countries are not always prepared for. We’ve run through 6 tips to make your time online the most successful.

Choose the Right App

There are many dating sites especially for people in the UK. You shouldn’t just jump into one. Make note of the ones available and choose one that would satisfy you. You may be someone who’s just looking for hook-ups, so using an app/site for flings rather than for dating is a good move. More specifically, see if it caters to the niche you want to target. If you have a thing for older women, exists – so why are you spending your time on Tinder?

Have a Good Profile Description

There’s nothing Brits love more than being straightforward. If your profile description is vague, no one is going to be interested in what you have to offer, no matter how clever it is. When it comes to descriptions, there are many things you shouldn’t do. Make sure that you don’t boast. This is not just when you’re in the UK, but people all over the world do not enjoy being with overconfident people.

Now, how far is “too confident”? You can mention how you’re an excellent chef and writer, but don’t boast about living in a lavish townhouse or how great your job is!

Beating yourself down is not going to take you anywhere either. Don’t undermine yourself in your description. Many think it makes them quirky, and stand out, but this is for all the wrong reasons. An example would be “I’m horrible at finding love. I don’t do this often”.

Have Many Pictures

Something you should make note of is the number of pictures you have on your profile. If you have many, people who are interested in you would know exactly what they’re getting into. Unfortunately, you can catfish with your own stuff. How? By using pictures from years ago. You might also have taken your shots in very good lighting.  You should prepare for the person you’re speaking to, to ask you for pictures excluding the ones on your profile. This will cover all bases.

Prepare To Get To It

If you’re an ex-pat in the UK, you might be surprised by the person you’re talking to being so blunt. A lot of foreigners, especially from the States, don’t expect this and get intimidated. You’ll likely meet with the person you’ve been talking to immediately, and they’ll ask you personal questions to get to know you better. If you’re using a hookup site/app, the other person would immediately might want to get down and dirty. You’ll have to prepare for this.

Be Proactive

If you’re not proactive, you’re going to be unsuccessful. You need to reach out to as many people as possible. Putting all of your eggs in one basket will lower your chances. The girl you’re interested in may be talking to ten other guys. Most dating sites revolve around guys finding girls, so they have more features and benefits for them. A lot of the time, signing up is free for females too.  

Being proactive also means that you need to reply immediately. Playing hard to get would result in the person you’re talking to losing interest, especially if you’re on a hook-up site.

Your First Date

Your first date should not be at a fancy restaurant. Brits love spending time at the pub – you’ll have a great time drinking beer and watching a soccer or cricket match. There are many of these around, so find one that’s the most fitting. This is great if you’re on a budget as you won’t be dishing out a lot of cash. The pubs in the UK are known to offer an array of food.

Final Thoughts

Dating can be tricky, especially if you’re from the UK. People from the isles are known to be direct, so you have to be proactive and get right to it. You should also know which app is the best bet before you invest your time. It should be one that’s right for you. Looking for a hook-up on a dating app is not recommended. It should also cater to the type of people you’re trying to meet. As Britain is so multi-ethnic, there are sites for different ethnicities too.

Make sure you have a good profile description and images. Not having any wouldn’t tell people anything about what they’re getting into. Profile descriptions describe the type of person you are, so being vague won’t get you anywhere either.

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