Dating Site Comparison 2020

In depth analysis and comparison of various dating sites in 2020.

We specialise in finding the best dating sites and helping people get the best results on them.

Our experts:

  1. Exhaustively use all the dating sites
  2. Interview and survey people, to find how they find, use and get the best results each dating site
  3. Trawl through reviews and advice from people who have written things elsewhere
  4. Have our own review system
  5. Get detailed feedback from our users after they have used a site

This is all fed into our algorithm to find out which are the best dating sites and then rate them. Also, to help build guides, on how to get the best results from dating sites and dating in general.

As a result, we have found that we are the most carefully compiled resources, to find out which are the best dating sites and how to get the best results from them.

Which dating app is best for me?

The list above is carefully designed to show the top dating sites and then rank them in order. We recommend the reviews linked to in the list also the first place to look.

However just like most things in life, each dating site is different and different types of people prefer different things.

As a result, this page is to further break down characteristics of each site to help you get the best dating site for your personal needs and personality type.  

Factors to help choose the top and best dating sites and app

As well as the experiences we and those we have interviewed have had, these are some other factors we also put into this list.

  • Types of dating sites
  • Number of users on the site
  • Types of users on the site
  • Are they growing or shrinking?
  • The quality of the support from the site
  • Refund or guarantee policy
  • Cost

The 3 types of dating websites

1, Messaging: These are very quick to join, simply register and answer some very quick and basic questions.

Then you can quickly search the site and message other people. People can also message you too.

2, Matchmaking: Take about 20 minutes to join as you have to fill in loads of questions. It then uses your answers, to give you a list of 5-10 matches per day.

3, Profile sites: These are in between the Messaging and Matchmaking sites.

They take longer to fill in than the messaging sites, but less time than the match making sites. Basically, you message as before, but take a bit longer to join as have to fill in a more detailed profile.

The full profile means that you can search and select people with more accurate information and other people contacting you have done the same.

Other features:


Zoosk has a carousel feature, where it shows you daters and you press the tick if you would like to meet them and cross if you would like not to. If the other person ticks you as well, you are matched.


Messaging sites can also do matchmaking as well after you have used them for a while. They use the data from who you have selected and messaged, to find out what you like.

The amazing power of this is that it knows what you like, not what you think you like.

For example, if a woman puts that they want someone who is just 5ft 10inches tall and above, who is under 30. However, they message with guys who are 5 foot 9 inches and 34 years old. It can match you up with those as well.

So, it gives you what you will choose, not what you think you will choose.

Profile sites can also match make as well using data from your profile.


Although we have to create a list to say which is best, it actually depends on what kind of person you are. A tabloid newspaper maybe the most popular as it is quick, fun and easy to read, but you may prefer something more intellectual and subtle.

Zoosk is popular because it is easy to join. As there are more people who want quick to join and fun sites, Zoosk is the most popular so it is high up.

eHarmony is popular because it makes good matches. It really works and in the long term gets great results. However, this is for people who are happy to be detailed and fill in the long application process first.

Also, this means that it is also just for people who want a long-term relationship, as people who want a hook up tend to not want to bother with this.

eHarmony is the right choice for people who want that kind of detailed matching, but there are less of those people, so Zoosk is a more popular choice in total.

Elite Singles is good for those who want educated and professional people to go out with. As Elite people are a smaller part of the population, there are less people on there for that as well.

Good compromises are the profile sites such as as they are a balance, so are closer to the popularity of Zoosk.

The sites specialising in people over 50, tend to be profile type sites. This is because at that age group people like to see about the other person and a straight messaging site does not give this information.

They are not matchmaking sites, as there are less people in the over 50 categories, as a lower percentage use online dating, as matchmaking sites are less popular because of the set-up work, there would not be so many to match where there are less people.

So, we hope this shows that although Zoosk maybe the most popular because it is quick to join. If you are happy to do the work when joining, the profile sites of, Over Time and Silver Singles do give better matches in the long term. The matchmaking sites of eHarmony and Silver Singles even better.

Which dating site fits my personality type?

If you like quick to join, easy and fun then Zoosk.

If you are happy to put the work in when you join, putting in the data about yourself and your needs, so that the site can do the matching work for you after. Also great for long term relationships as people wanting a hook up tend not to bother with the time needed to set it up, then eHarmony is great. Also, it is best if you are time short, as once you have put the data into eHarmony, it is quicker in the long term, because it does the match making work for you.

Elite Singles is perfect if you are wanting educated and professional singles. is a great balance of the above.

Our Time and Silver Singles is a balance of the above which works well for over 50 dating and so are the top dating sites and apps for that category.

Number of users on the site

As well as the rest of our research information, we used SEMrush, Alexa which is the web analytics firm from Amazon and Ahrefs software, for analysing the traffic for this research. uses the same domain names for more than one country. We are just looking for UK users and not worldwide ones. So, we also used Google Trends for, which can just look at the UK, to adjust the numbers that came from the tools above.

This is the Google Trends information; we are concerned that when we use the search term ‘Our Time’ those people may be searching for things that are not just the dating website.

From this graph it may look like is the best choice, but we also need to look at how each site is different, to see behind the numbers.

Most people like a site that is the quickest to start with and that is As it does not do so much matching itself, it does not need so much data.

However professional people on average are willing to put the work in when joining, so Elite Singles and eHarmony tend to just attract professionals. This is why there are less people on them, but those users like how there are just professionals on there. They also want the matching feature, so will do the data entry needed to join.

Elite Singles has just elite people on, so has less people on in total as it does not regard everyone as being elite. However, that is what those users want.

A lesser percentage of older people use online dating, but the percentage using it is massively growing. Top dating sites for older people are a newer niche and it takes time to build a site’s community. So, although the numbers may seem smaller, this is a massively growing segment, growing around 100% per year. Google Trends does not show this, as the numbers are smaller and the Our Time keyword is used for people searching for other things as well as the dating website. However other tools that directly monitor site traffic such as Alexa and Ahref do.

The larger size of Our Time is why we put it higher on the list than Silver Singles. However Silver Singles is still a site that works well and some people increase their results by joining both.

As there are so many people on the sites for all ages, people over 50 tend to get the best results from them. That is why, although they are not aimed just at people over 50, we put them higher in the list, even than the sites aimed at people over 50 years old.

Types of users on the site

Education levels:

Compared to the average the postgraduate education levels on the site are:

  • eHarmony: 75% above the average of the population
  • Our Time: 70% above the average of the population
  • Elite Singles: 30% above the population average
  •, 30% below the average of the population

Interestingly, the sites that have more educated people on, do less well for standard university degrees.

We believe it is because people can only select thing when they say their education level and that is for the level they are at. So, if they have the higher level of post graduate they will enter that, but they cannot enter that they also have a standard graduate degree as well. So, if a site has lots of singles with post graduate degrees, it will look like it has less people with normal degrees than the other sites.

That may explain why Elite Singles is slightly lower. Although there are studies which show people on a higher income may not necessary be those that are the most academic.

However, for it makes sense, as it does not need so much time to put in data when joining. This is because it does less matching than eHarmony, or Elite Singles. Educated people on average tend to be happy to put the data in when joining and less educated people on average choose sites where they do not have to.

We take it from this though that eHarmony, Our Time, followed by Elite Singles have the most educated users.

Male to female ratios on the site

This information comes from Alexa, the Amazon website tracking tool.

  • eHarmony: 60% men, 40% women
  • Elite Singles: 44% men, 56% women
  • 29% men, 71% women
  • Our Time: 27% men, 73% women

There was not enough data for Silver Singles, for it to be reliable

This is why the results show more women than men for most sites.

Originally with online dating, women felt less comfortable with it. As a result, it had more men than women. However, that is now less the case and so there are more women using it.

The free sites can be a bit more lawless with more guys wanting hook ups. As a result, women are more on these paid for sites, as the men are more wanting a serious relationship with the best dating sites and apps.

Elite Singles has more women on there than eHarmony, in a small part as some of the women on there are wanting a rich man and that increases the number of women on there. However, I would not let that put men off, as that is just a small percentage.

The sites where people message each other, instead of matchmaking tend to have more men than women, only because some men use them more for getting hook ups. However, with, which is where singles message each other, this is the opposite. We believe this is because men go through their matches more quickly and so are on the site for a shorter time. Women spend more time on it. The time the single person spends on the site matters more with as they are doing the matching work more and not the website. So, the fact that women on average spend more time working on relationships matters even more for this site.

Finally, Alexa has different amounts of data for each site, which effects how reliable the data is for each site.

  • has lots of data, this is because it uses the same website domain name all around the world. As a result, the figures are not just for the UK
  • For Elite Singles and eHarmony, it had a medium amount of data, as they have separate website domain names for the UK
  • Our Time was low because dating for over 50s is a smaller niche

So, the male female ratio figures here are more about how long men and women spend on the sites, not how many there are using them.

Are they growing or shrinking?

This was done using the Alexa, which is a site tracking tool from Amazon.

  • Our Time has grown 500% in the last year
  • Elite Singles has grown 10% in the last year
  • eHarmony has grown 3% in the last year
  • has dropped 5% in the last year

Sadly, there was not enough date for Silver Singles as it is a smaller site

Here is the analysis of what is behind the numbers.

The numbers are the global rankings of all websites on the internet. For example, in the global rankings, Google is in first place, Facebook in third and so on:

  • Our Time: Has gone up from the 1 millionth, to 179 000 the place
  • Elite Singles: Has gone up from 114 000 the, to 104 000 the place
  • eHarmony: Has gone up 3% from 67 000, to 66 000 place
  • has dropped down 5%, from 2,139 to 2,237 place

These figures are better than they may seem. This is because there are so many sites out there, for so many different things, countries and so on, for example, many of the top sites are just for China and in Chinese. uses the same internet domain for the whole world and does not separate by country, so the performance is all the countries it is in, not just the UK.

The first thing to note is that the newer sites are growing fastest, Our Time is a newer growing niche for sites focusing on people Over 50. is big, but the oldest. As the online world grows, sites have to grow just to keep up.

So basically, this ranking could just be put in order of how old the site is. When a site is large, there is nowhere for it to really grow to. Conversely smaller sites have somewhere to grow to.

Even though may look like it is shrinking, it has the largest community. For results right now, that is what a decision maker really needs.

The growth rates of the sites for people over 50, means it is an exciting proposition to use these sites such as Our Time.

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